Welcome to the
SanJose Tennis League

Welcome to the
SanJose Tennis League

  • Tennis Leagues
    Early Summer - Just started to Aug. 6th
    $29.95 for the season
    Late Summer - Aug. 15th to Oct. 8th
    $24.95 if you sign up thru June
  • Partner Program
    The Tennis Partner Program is an on-going service where we're connecting you with dedicated tennis partners outside of league play on the tennis courts throughout Metro San Jose.
    This is our non-competitive program for players who are looking to meet up with other people who love to hit.
  • Doubles Leagues
    Summer Doubles - June 27th to Aug. 27th
    $25 for Team Enrollment, $14.95 for partner matching
  • Tennis Tournaments
    Single Elimination Tourney with a
    consolation bracket
    June Tourney - Starts June 29th
    $19.95 to $24.95 depending on how early you sign up.
    Aug. Tourney - Starts Aug. 30th
  • SanJose Tennis Lessons
    Tennis Lessons Connecting players with San Jose tennis instructors to provide on court tennis lessons. Improve your game today.
  • SanJose Tennis National Championship
    National Championship Our 9th annual East Coast Championship is scheduled for Friday, Dec. 1st to Sunday, Dec. 3rd, 2017 at Crandon Park Tennis Center in Key Biscayne, Florida.
  • Tennis League Network
    An active tennis community of players is waiting for you!

Some kind words from our 1,025+ SanJose tennis players (90,600 + nationwide)
Our playing style and shot compliments each other, such a good match. We both enjoyed the games so we plan to play again in the future.

E. Mendo TennisSanJose

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It is great platform to play for fun and improve tennis skills. League is great way to enter into competitive arena and push ourselves. Well organized. Highly recommend to everyone who wants to do wor

K. Patel TennisSanJose

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